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What is FalixNodes?

FalixNodes Limited is a platform that offers free hosting services for various online games and applications. Our main goal is to provide users with the opportunity to play and have fun with their friends without any financial burden. We are driven by our passion for gaming and aim to offer unlimited hosting options to our users. Joining FalixNodes is quick and easy, requiring just a few clicks to get started!

Supported Games and Applications

Minecraft Java

FalixNodes supports various Minecraft Java server types, including:
– PaperMC
– Purpur
– Fabric
– Vanilla
– Vanilla Snapshot
– Tuinity
– Forge
– Cuberite
– Custom JARS

Minecraft Bedrock

For Minecraft Bedrock players, FalixNodes offers support for the following server types:
– Cloudburst
– Altay
– Vanilla


FalixNodes also provides hosting options for proxy servers, including:
– Waterfall
– Livypad
– Velocity
– Waterdog
– HexaCord
– Travertine
– BungeeCord

Grand Theft Auto

Fans of Grand Theft Auto can enjoy hosting servers for the following game versions:
– Rage.MP
– Grand Theft Auto Connected


FalixNodes supports hosting for Terraria servers with the following options:
– tModLoader
– tShock


For voice communication needs, FalixNodes offers hosting for the following applications:
– TeamSpeak 3
– TS3 Manager
– Lavalink
– TeaSpeak


FalixNodes provides hosting options for databases, including:
– Mongo
– Redis
– Maria


Users can host Discord bots with FalixNodes using the following programming languages:
– JS
– Python
– Lua
– Go
– TypeScript
– CoffeeScript
– SinusBot


In addition to the above, FalixNodes supports hosting for various other games and applications, such as:
– Team Fortress 2
– ARK: Survival Evolved
– Reposilite*
– Left 4 Dead
– SCP:SL Exiled Server
– BombsSquad
– Mindustry
– Minetest
– Unturned
– Imposter
– Minio S3
– CryoFall

With FalixNodes, users have a wide range of options to host their favorite games and applications without any limitations. Whether you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, a Grand Theft Auto fan, or in need of voice communication services, FalixNodes has got you covered. Join us today and start enjoying free hosting with unlimited possibilities!


  • Cloud Hosting
  • Minecraft
  • Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  • Voice Chat
  • Modpack support
  • Real time collaboration

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