Image Overlay Utility

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What is Image Overlay Utility?

Image Overlay Utility is a versatile program designed specifically for graphic artists. It allows users to overlay transparent, click-through images on any part of their screen. This tool serves multiple purposes and can be used in various creative processes.

Virtual Tracing Paper

One of the main uses of Image Overlay Utility is as virtual tracing paper. This feature is particularly useful for artists who want to paint, sketch, or trace under an image. It is especially handy for graphics software that doesn’t have layers. By overlaying a transparent image, artists can easily reference and work with their desired image without obstructing their view.

Unobtrusive Watermarks

During live demos, presentations, and screencasts, it is often necessary to include watermarks on the screen. Image Overlay Utility provides a solution for this by allowing users to add unobtrusive watermarks. These watermarks can be easily placed anywhere on the screen without interfering with the content being presented.

Referencing Graphics

In the artistic process, it is common for artists to reference other graphics or images. Image Overlay Utility simplifies this by enabling users to overlay graphics on their screen. This makes it easier to compare and work with different elements without constantly switching between applications or windows.

Advanced Features

Image Overlay Utility offers a range of advanced features to enhance the user experience. These include transparency, flipping, rotation, and scaling options. Users can adjust the opacity of the overlayed image using the opacity slider, allowing them to control its visibility. Additionally, the tool includes an edge detection feature, which is particularly useful when working with lines.

Supported Image Formats

Image Overlay Utility supports various image formats, ensuring compatibility with different file types. The supported formats include BMP, animated GIF, ICO, JPEG, transparent PNG, and TIFF. This wide range of compatibility allows users to work with their preferred image formats without any limitations.

In conclusion, Image Overlay Utility is a powerful tool for graphic artists. Its ability to overlay transparent, click-through images on the screen opens up a world of possibilities for creative processes. Whether it’s virtual tracing paper, unobtrusive watermarks, or referencing graphics, this utility provides a seamless and efficient solution. With its advanced features and support for multiple image formats, Image Overlay Utility is a valuable asset for any graphic artist.


  • Portable
  • Transparency
  • Digital Painting
  • Artwork

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