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What is MobaXterm?

MobaXterm is a powerful terminal application that brings the advanced features of a Unix-like command-line to Windows. It takes the functionality of Cygwin and presents it in a user-friendly, visually appealing interface. MobaXterm is lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making it a popular choice for developers and system administrators.

Key Features

Fully-configured X server based on Xorg

MobaXterm includes a fully-configured X server based on Xorg, allowing users to run graphical applications remotely. This feature is particularly useful for developers who need to test their applications on different platforms.

Tabbed terminal with anti-aliased fonts and macro support

The tabbed terminal in MobaXterm provides a convenient way to manage multiple sessions. It supports anti-aliased fonts, ensuring that the text is clear and easy to read. Additionally, users can create macros to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort.

Easy DISPLAY export from any remote host

MobaXterm simplifies the process of exporting the DISPLAY variable from a remote host. This allows users to run graphical applications on their local machine while the actual processing happens on the remote server. It eliminates the need for complex configuration and makes remote development more seamless.

X11-Forwarding capability in OpenSSH

With MobaXterm, users can take advantage of X11-Forwarding capability in OpenSSH. This feature enables the forwarding of X11 connections from a remote server to the local machine, allowing for the display of graphical applications on the local desktop.

Cygwin-based Unix/Linux commands

MobaXterm incorporates a range of Cygwin-based Unix/Linux commands, including rsync, wget, sed, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, and cp. These commands provide users with the power and flexibility of a Unix-like environment within the Windows operating system.

Session manager with multiple network clients

The session manager in MobaXterm allows users to easily manage multiple network clients. It supports a variety of protocols, including RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, rsh, FTP, SFTP, and XDMCP. This comprehensive range of clients makes it a versatile tool for remote access and administration.

No installation required, can be run from a USB stick

One of the standout features of MobaXterm is its portability. It does not require installation and can be run directly from a USB stick. This makes it convenient for users who need to access their development or administration environment on different machines without the hassle of installation.

Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable

MobaXterm is designed to be lightweight and portable. It is packaged in a single executable file, making it easy to carry around and use on any Windows machine. This simplicity and convenience contribute to its popularity among professionals in the IT industry.

In conclusion, MobaXterm is a feature-rich terminal application that brings the power of a Unix-like command-line to Windows. Its intuitive interface, extensive range of network tools, and portability make it an invaluable tool for developers and system administrators. Whether you need to run graphical applications remotely, manage multiple network clients, or access Unix/Linux commands on Windows, MobaXterm has you covered.


  • Support for SFTP
  • SSH
  • X server
  • Tabbed interface
  • Embedded Xserver
  • RDP Functionality
  • Portable
  • Multiple Terminal
  • Support for Multiple protocols
  • Built-in SSH client
  • Built-in File Manager
  • Secure Copy (SCP)
  • Support for FTP
  • Telnet client
  • VNC Support
  • Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  • Integrates with Putty configuration
  • Customizable
  • Windows Explorer Extension

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