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What is NetLimiter?

NetLimiter: The Ultimate Internet Traffic Control and Monitoring Tool for Windows

NetLimiter is a powerful software designed specifically for Windows users to have complete control over their internet traffic. With NetLimiter, you can easily set download and upload transfer rate limits for applications or even individual connections. But that’s not all – this tool also allows you to monitor and analyze your internet traffic in real-time.

Take Control of Your Internet Traffic

Whether you want to prioritize certain applications, limit bandwidth usage, or simply keep track of your internet usage, NetLimiter has got you covered. By setting transfer rate limits, you can ensure that certain applications or connections do not consume excessive bandwidth, allowing you to have a smoother and more efficient internet experience.

Comprehensive Internet Statistical Tools

NetLimiter goes beyond just controlling your internet traffic. It also provides a range of statistical tools to help you gain insights into your internet usage. With real-time traffic measurement, you can see exactly how much data is being transferred at any given moment. Additionally, NetLimiter offers long-term per-application internet traffic statistics, allowing you to track the usage patterns of different applications over time.

Why Choose NetLimiter?

NetLimiter stands out from other similar tools due to its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Whether you are a casual internet user or a network administrator, NetLimiter offers the flexibility and control you need to optimize your internet experience. With its comprehensive set of tools, you can easily manage and monitor your internet traffic, ensuring that you are always in control.


In summary, NetLimiter is the ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool for Windows users. With its ability to set transfer rate limits, monitor real-time traffic, and provide detailed statistics, NetLimiter empowers you to take control of your internet usage. So why settle for a mediocre internet experience when you can have complete control with NetLimiter? Try it out and see the difference for yourself.


  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Filtering
  • Net Limiting
  • Quotas support
  • Firewall
  • Custom rules
  • Application Blocker
  • Priorities
  • Built-in Firewall
  • Traffic Monitoring

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