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What is PopupDB?

PopupDB is a powerful tool designed specifically to analyze Technical Support Scams. These scams often target older individuals by displaying fake virus popups, tricking them into calling a scammer’s number. PopupDB utilizes a vast database of existing popups to identify and track the various actors responsible for spreading these fraudulent popups across the internet.

Analyzing Scam Popups

PopupDB conducts an in-depth OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) analysis for each popup it encounters. This analysis helps to uncover valuable information about the scammers, such as their tactics, techniques, and infrastructure. By understanding how these scams operate, PopupDB can effectively combat them and protect potential victims.

Taking Down Scams

One of the key features of PopupDB is its ability to swiftly take down scams. As soon as a new scam popup is identified, PopupDB takes immediate action to report it and work towards its removal. This proactive approach ensures that scammers are disrupted and their fraudulent activities are minimized.

Community-Driven and Free to Use

PopupDB is a community-driven project, meaning that it relies on the collective efforts of individuals who are passionate about combating Technical Support Scams. The tool is completely free to use, allowing anyone to contribute to the fight against these scams. PopupDB is proudly sponsored by HostUp, who supports the project’s mission to protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to these deceptive tactics.

By utilizing PopupDB, individuals can play an active role in combating Technical Support Scams and contribute to the overall safety and security of the online community.


  • Fraud detection

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