Rename My TV Series

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What is Rename My TV Series?

An Easy-to-Use Application for Renaming TV Show Files

Rename My TV Series is a user-friendly application designed to assist you in renaming your TV show files. This application utilizes data from to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. With the implementation of the new TheTVDB API v2, you can trust that your TV show files will be renamed correctly.

Dark Theme Support for macOS and Linux

In addition to its functionality, Rename My TV Series also offers a dark theme option for users on macOS and Linux. This feature allows for a more visually appealing and customizable experience while using the application.

64-Bit and Signed macOS Application

For macOS users, Rename My TV Series provides a 64-bit application that is signed for added security. This ensures that the application is compatible with the latest macOS updates and provides a seamless user experience.

Move Renamed Files to Customizable Directories

One of the standout features of Rename My TV Series is the ability to move renamed files to specific directories. These directories can be customized based on the data provided by TVDB. This allows for better organization and easy access to your TV show files.

Create NFO Files and Save Banner JPGs

For each TV show and episode, Rename My TV Series gives you the option to create an NFO file. This file contains additional information about the TV show or episode, providing a comprehensive overview. Additionally, you can save a banner JPG for TV shows, enhancing the visual experience when browsing your collection.

With its user-friendly interface, support for dark themes, and customizable features, Rename My TV Series is the ultimate tool for efficiently managing and organizing your TV show files. Say goodbye to messy file names and hello to a neatly organized collection.


  • File Renaming
  • Multiplatform
  • Portable
  • No registration required
  • Batch Rename Files
  • Dark Mode
  • Ad-free
  • Works Offline

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