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What is ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud?

The Most Comprehensive Source for Threat Intelligence and Reputation Data on Files

ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud is a powerful service that provides the industry’s most comprehensive source for threat intelligence and reputation data on files. With over 2.5 billion goodware and malware files, it offers up-to-date reputation and internal analysis information. This means that it not only identifies files but also provides rich information about their internals and contents.

Unpacking, Decompression, and Extraction

Every sample that goes through ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud is processed using the ReversingLabs Active File Decomposition Logo engine. This engine extracts all the objects contained within the file and their internal Proactive Threat Indicators (PTIs). The samples are recursively unpacked, decompressed, decrypted, and de-obfuscated to ensure that no hidden threats go unnoticed. The PTIs extracted from the resulting components include format, format validation, strings, sections, and certificate chains.

Continuous Reanalysis for Up-to-Date File Reputation

One of the key features of ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud is its continuous reanalysis of malware samples. This ensures that the file reputation status is always up to date. The detection history of each malware sample is stored in the TitaniumCloud database, allowing users to track the evolution of threats over time.

Powerful Query Functions and High-Performance Access

ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud offers powerful query functions that can be accessed over the Internet or locally on a T1000 File Reputation Appliance. Users can interact with the service through a high-performance REST Interface or a user-friendly GUI. The service utilizes a proprietary NoSQL database that is optimized to support advanced search and record updates across billions of file records in milliseconds.

In conclusion, ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud is a comprehensive and powerful service that provides detailed threat intelligence and reputation data on files. Its advanced analysis capabilities, continuous reanalysis, and powerful query functions make it an invaluable tool for organizations looking to stay ahead of evolving threats.


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