Show Cue System

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What is the Show Cue System?

The Show Cue System (SCS) is a powerful tool designed specifically for live theatre productions. It allows users to easily playback sound cues, including sound effects and music cues, in a seamless and organized manner.

Assembling Cues

One of the key features of SCS is its ability to assemble cues in the order they are meant to be played. This means that users can easily create a cue list, ensuring that each cue is played at the right time during the performance. This eliminates the need for manual cueing and ensures a smooth and professional production.

Customizing Cue Settings

SCS offers a range of customization options for each cue. Users can set the required level (volume), pan, length, and speaker selection for each individual cue. This allows for precise control over the audio elements of the production, ensuring that the sound is balanced and optimized for the venue.

Hot Keys for Quick Playback

To make the cueing process even more efficient, SCS provides hot keys for quick playback. This means that users can assign specific sounds to hot keys, allowing them to be played instantly at any time during the performance. This is particularly useful for sound effects that may need to be triggered on the spot.

Advanced Cue Types

SCS offers a variety of advanced cue types to enhance the production experience. Level Change cues allow for dynamic adjustments to cue levels, ensuring smooth transitions between different audio elements. Control Send cues enable users to send MIDI control messages to other equipment, expanding the capabilities of the system. Playlist cues can be used to manage pre-show and intermission music, providing a seamless transition between different parts of the performance. Additionally, Video cues allow for the playback of video files via a video projector or separate monitor, with support for up to 4 external projectors/monitors.

In conclusion, the Show Cue System is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for managing sound cues in live theatre productions. Its features, such as cue assembly, customization options, hot keys, and advanced cue types, make it an essential tool for any theatre production team. With SCS, users can ensure a seamless and professional audio experience for their audience.


  • Live Performance
  • Support for MIDI

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