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What is Syndesis?

Connecting to Any Service

Syndesis is a powerful platform that allows you to connect to any service you use. Whether it’s a popular application or a custom-built system, Syndesis can seamlessly integrate with it. This means that you can easily access and manage data from multiple sources, all within one unified interface.

Rich Set of Connectors

Syndesis comes with a rich set of connectors right out of the box. These connectors are pre-built integrations that enable you to connect to various services and applications. From popular cloud platforms like Salesforce and Google Drive to databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, Syndesis has you covered. With these connectors, you can quickly and easily establish connections to your desired services without the need for complex coding or configuration.

Creating Custom Connectors

In the rare case that Syndesis doesn’t have a connector for a specific service you want to connect to, don’t worry! The platform is designed to be developer-friendly, allowing developers to easily create custom connectors. This means that even if your service is unique or niche, you can still integrate it with Syndesis. With the help of a friendly developer, you can have a custom connector up and running in no time.

Streamlining Data Management

By connecting all your services through Syndesis, you can streamline your data management processes. Instead of jumping between different applications and systems to access and update data, Syndesis provides a centralized hub where you can perform all these tasks. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures data consistency and accuracy across your various services.

Unlocking New Possibilities

Syndesis opens up a world of possibilities for your business. By seamlessly connecting different services, you can automate workflows, synchronize data, and gain valuable insights. For example, you can automatically create new leads in your CRM system whenever a new customer signs up on your website. Or you can synchronize inventory data between your e-commerce platform and your warehouse management system. The possibilities are endless, and Syndesis empowers you to make the most of them.

In conclusion, Syndesis is a versatile platform that allows you to connect to any service you use. With its rich set of connectors and the ability to create custom ones, Syndesis simplifies data integration and management. By streamlining your workflows and unlocking new possibilities, Syndesis helps you optimize your business processes and drive growth.


  • Seamless Data Integration
  • API Integration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Task Automation
  • IPaaS
  • Dropbox integration
  • Cloud-native integration platform

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