Teacher Dashboard 365

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What is Teacher Dashboard 365?

A Comprehensive Classroom Management Tool

Teacher Dashboard 365 is a powerful classroom management tool that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Office 365 tenant and Sharepoint. It has been specifically designed by teachers, for teachers, to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Feature-Rich Functionality

With Teacher Dashboard 365, you have access to a wide range of features that make classroom management a breeze. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

1. Student OneDrive Access

One of the standout features of Teacher Dashboard 365 is the ability to view your students’ OneDrive files in a bird’s eye view. This gives you a comprehensive overview of their work, making it easier to track progress and provide feedback.

2. Bulk Sharing of Files

Gone are the days of individually sharing files with each student. Teacher Dashboard 365 allows you to easily share files with multiple students at once, saving you valuable time and effort.

3. Assignments Functionality

Creating and managing assignments has never been easier. With Teacher Dashboard 365, you can effortlessly create assignments, set due dates, and track student submissions. This streamlines the grading process and ensures that students stay on track.

4. Groups

Teacher Dashboard 365 enables you to create groups within your class, making it simple to differentiate instruction and collaborate with specific subsets of students. This feature promotes effective group work and personalized learning.

5. Grade Books

Keeping track of grades is a breeze with Teacher Dashboard 365. You can easily record and manage grades for individual assignments, providing you with a comprehensive overview of student performance.

6. Multi-School Management for Districts

For districts with multiple schools, Teacher Dashboard 365 offers seamless multi-school management. This means that administrators can easily oversee and manage multiple schools from a single platform, streamlining administrative tasks.

7. Azure Active Directory Synchronisation (AAD Sync) of Classes

Teacher Dashboard 365 integrates with Azure Active Directory, allowing for automatic synchronization of classes. This ensures that your class roster is always up to date, saving you time and eliminating the need for manual data entry.


In conclusion, Teacher Dashboard 365 is a comprehensive classroom management tool that empowers teachers to effectively manage their classrooms. With its wide range of features and seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint, it simplifies administrative tasks and enhances the teaching and learning experience. Give Teacher Dashboard 365 a try and discover how it can transform your classroom management.


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