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What is Termius?

Termius is a powerful command-line solution that goes beyond being just an SSH client. It is revolutionizing remote access for sysadmins and network engineers by providing a secure way to access Linux or IoT devices and resolve issues from anywhere, whether it’s from the comfort of your couch using a laptop or on the go with your phone.

Termius Free Features:

Enjoy a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that has been carefully designed for all major mobile and desktop systems. Unlike other similar tools, Termius is completely ad-free, ensuring that your experience is not disrupted by unwanted advertisements.

Pair your credentials and servers for quick and convenient access. This feature allows you to save time by easily connecting to your frequently used devices without the need to manually enter login information every time.

Create groups to organize your settings and themes. This helps you stay organized and efficiently manage your connections by grouping them based on specific criteria or projects.

Tag your devices to further enhance organization. By assigning tags to your devices, you can easily categorize and locate them when needed, making it easier to navigate through your list of connections.

Customize your Termius experience with 10 colorful themes and adjustable fonts. Personalize the interface to suit your preferences and make it visually appealing.

Stay productive during late-night sessions with the dark mode. This feature reduces eye strain and provides a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.

Connect to multiple hosts or make multiple connections to the same host. This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage and switch between different devices or sessions without any hassle.

Encrypt nearly any service or connection with port forwarding and tunneling. This advanced feature ensures the security of your data by encrypting your network traffic, providing a secure connection for your remote access needs.

Premium Termius Users Enjoy:

Sync your settings and credentials across all your devices with AES-256 end-to-end encryption. This ensures that your data remains secure and consistent across different platforms, allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices without any loss of information.

Enhance the security of your account with two-factor authentication. This additional layer of protection adds an extra level of security to your Termius account, preventing unauthorized access.

Leave your keys at home and enjoy the convenience of SSH agent forwarding. This feature allows you to securely access remote servers without the need to carry your SSH keys with you, providing a more streamlined and hassle-free experience.

Effortlessly copy files with the two-pane SFTP support. This feature simplifies the process of transferring files between your local machine and remote servers, making it quick and easy to manage your files.

Save time and effort with snippets of commonly used commands. This feature allows you to store and reuse frequently used commands, eliminating the need to type them out every time, and increasing your productivity.

Export your desktop’s .ssh/config file via the command line. This functionality enables you to easily export your SSH configuration file, providing a convenient way to transfer your settings to other devices or share them with colleagues.

Termius offers a comprehensive set of features for both free and premium users, making it the ultimate solution for remote access and command-line management. Whether you are a sysadmin or a network engineer, Termius provides the tools you need to efficiently and securely manage your remote devices and resolve issues with ease.


  • Support for SFTP
  • Mosh client
  • Keychain
  • Port Forwarding
  • Unix-like
  • SSH
  • Security focused
  • FTP Server Migration
  • Server Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • User Session Recording
  • Secure Copy (SCP)
  • Built-in SSH client
  • Cloud Sync

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