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Chaton Direct Download Link

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Find chaton .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : free Publisher : Samsung Electronics size : 5.6 MB Editor : cowboy, language : English Update : 09.01.2014 OS : Windows Description: A group of friends or Chaton messaging app where you can chat and communicate with friends. Supports many platforms and devices. You can chat freely with the program. That can make your speech more animated rich messages, pictures, videos has items such as Send a message with Chaton in a unique manner by drawing ChatON Shop offers you a dynamic and cheerful experience! Anicon different characters and real emotions of your conversations and adds to the fun. ChatON your chat room plus the shop through the Menu icon or by pressing the button at the moment you can visit. You can receive regular updates not only on Samsung devices on different platforms. All iPhone / iPad, BlackBerry, Windows mobile phones, Windows 8 PCs, the web and smart phones (only manufactured by Samsung) can be used. Chaton 5 different devices you can use.


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