ebs serbest meslek makbuzu Direct Download Link

Ebs serbest meslek makbuzu Direct Download Link

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Find ebs serbest meslek makbuzu .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Trial Publisher : EBS software size : 6.2 MB Editor : mkt07 language : English Update : 06.06.2016 OS : Windows Virustotal : 0 / 18 Description: Self-employed taxpayers and receipts of their earnings and follow a program that can easily create books. Processes Creating A Receipt Creating A Receipt Batch Cumulative Monthly Fixed Fee Arrangement Customer Identification Check Withholding Gross, net, VAT calculation type Bulk Transfer Of Customer Data From Excel Reports The Receipt Of The Cut List A List Of Downtime (Ek1) Tax base and tax withholding Tax base and VAT Basis, VAT and withholding tax Annual Summary Report (List Of Sheets) Withholding Tax Summary Report Other Features Professional members of more than one separate taxpayers in the program can be entered. The receipt of visual design. Unlimited voucher design Network (Server-Client) work is available with feature.


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