medicosoft isyeri hekimligi otomasyonu Direct Download Link

Medicosoft isyeri hekimligi otomasyonu Direct Download Link

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Find medicosoft isyeri hekimligi otomasyonu .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Trial Publisher : indemSOFT Size : 48.9 MB Editor : last coder language : English Update : 21.10.2016 OS : Windows 10 Description: This program of occupational physicians about the health status of the personnel and to the computer environment in order to be able to save any data was written. Below are some properties of the program are listed. · The program server/client was written to be compatible with the operating system. · Firebird SQL Server as the database, was used. · Occupational physicians can follow their patients treatments made them in a computer environment, medical history information, complaints, etc. the information can save. · For each employee a one-time patient record card is given a number code and opened to him, and once this number is entered after the over all operations of the information relevant to a patient is carried out. · Patients laboratory and X-ray examination procedures the examination card can be processed. · Employees can be referred to other health institutions for occupational physicians, the records of this ship follow it only until the end of the record I can get. · Occupational Medicine the need for their own workers, as well as other reports provided by health care organizations can track record the resting they are in the program. · Occupational physicians, periodic examination of their employees (Audio,access varies across the coun


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