mevlana su tup abone siparis takip prog Direct Download Link

Mevlana su tup abone siparis takip prog Direct Download Link

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Find mevlana su tup abone siparis takip prog .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Demo Publisher : PC Maulana Size : 15.1 MB Editor : akkaya83 language : English Update : 30.09.2016 OS : Windows 10 Description: Tube, Water, carpet, package service, which is our program prepared to meet the needs of companies in Turkey can be safely used by over 100 companies. Show the address when the phone rang, take orders and allows you to charge by making sales to customers. The order distributor sends it via SMS to the mobile phone of the element. You can see close plays with the address of the bell system. The modules of the program are described below. Inventory : all of the products in the store tool central and automatic tracking of all inventory to be made to submit entries, to be entered in the vehicle installations. CURRENT : your customers in cash, credit, Escrow, sales tracking, Collection Safe - Payment Tracking, campaign tracking, history-based current account, debit, credit, balance information, the customer list to import from Excel file - Excel file export to be able to INVOICE your customers of products that have received end-of-month billing, tracking, automatic with the entry warehouse inventory receipts entry, the invoice receives the marked customers to be able to faturalastirabi auto sales. SAFE : all of your customers cash, credit card, Negotiable Instruments and tracking fuel expenses salary expenses staff tracking sales : your customers of all your sale


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