namaz vakitleri kde plasmoid uygulamasi Direct Download Link

Namaz vakitleri kde plasmoid uygulamasi Direct Download Link

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Find namaz vakitleri kde plasmoid uygulamasi .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : free Publisher : size : 1.4 mb editor : Murat Gokce language : English Update : 18.09.2011 OS : Description: Calculates prayer times for anywhere in the world. Hijri date and Qibla indicates the direction of. The call to prayer at times reads. Ready for Turkey location list Latitude, longitude by entering the information all over the world 8 different method of calculation Power settings The call to prayer reading settings Qibla Compass Hijri date correction setting the The sound of the adhan separately for each time to choose. Use alert tone option 12/24 hour format Ability to work on horizontal and vertical panel Tracking, and 24 hour time on analog clock the hour of prayer Imsak, the sun, the makruh timeframe in the morning, elucidation, lunch makruh timeframe, noon, afternoon, evening makruh timeframe, sunset, dusk, midnight, and the vigil, Dawn time information The late afternoon for more than a century ago, You selection of more than century Remaining time display Does not require an internet connection. Pardus operating system has been developed.


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