netbakiye cari takip programi Direct Download Link

Netbakiye cari takip programi Direct Download Link

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Find netbakiye cari takip programi .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Trial Publisher : Software size : 59.5 MB editor : no language : English Update : 26.09.2016 OS : Windows 10 Description: The net balance of current account and tracking program, prepared by avoided all the details of your computer knowledge can easily install and use by anyone with or without a program. Ease of use simple and understandable screens, with options for easy reporting has included every feature you will need. The user name and password, which provides your security with support for plug who opened or changed, you can easily see. The authorization feature, you can restrict the powers of other users. Thanks to the ability to operate in a network environment, whether at home or at your place of work, you can use all you want by accessing your records from the computer. The Basic Features Of The Program You can easily open the current card for your customers. The captions on the screen if you wish, you can tailor to suit yourself customer. Turkish lira, US Dollar, British Pound, Euro or in other currencies that will identify debit and credit enables us to keep your records. Includes a powerful search feature to easily find your registered customers. The county you have entered all of the information from the mobile phone to search information, or you can filter. By using the customization tool, you can arrange the information that will appear on the grid. Customer informati


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