parsanda ticari yazilim Direct Download Link

Parsanda ticari yazilim Direct Download Link

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Find parsanda ticari yazilim .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Trial Publisher : to cash in on it Size : 13.5 MB Editor : Cüneyt Bozkurt language : English Update : 11.07.2016 OS : Windows Description: About the license : free license to all users who want to use the program and apply for the license will be given. A few features of the software: Your customers company name, authorized person, telephone, fax, e-mail, detailed address, tax office, tax ID number, special notes, etc. you can keep information such as features. Cari For Sales, Purchase, Payment, Collection Operations Staff Salary Payments. The Offer Module Adisyonlu sales : Kiosk Module, the casing module, kitchen module Print A Receipt For All Payment Transactions In The Buy And Sell Collection. Database operations, database backup and restore the database backup you can take. Optionally, user input, at the opening of the software, and can protect your account information from strangers. You Can Make Safe Transactions. You Can Get Calendar With Your Special Notes. You Can Grant Privileges To Your Users.


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