proder mobile sales Direct Download Link

Proder mobile sales Direct Download Link

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Find proder mobile sales .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : Demo Publisher : Brothersoft Size : 7.3 MB Editor : SARPDAG language : English Update : 14.01.2009 OS : Windows Virustotal : 0 / 16 Description: Mobile sales mobile sales application proder areas "food wholesalers" esyaci are White. "Spare Parts. "The Automotive Sector. "The Textile Industry. "Shopping Malls. "All Field Sales For Businesses !.. Program content the "new customer registration" Order Record "product transfer" Barcode Support "color / size" support barcode support package "online or offline Transfer Order" to be able to see the product details of the technical specifications "to be able to transfer customer records from premium Apex" and Apex to be able to record to the new customer to be able to transfer premium "product with barcode support fast selection" the opportunity to work with the product package "Product control the balance of" Product Support color "the color balance to be able to view" the record in order to be able to see the properties of the product " the product in order to see a picture of the record.


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