rename master Direct Download Link

Rename master Direct Download Link

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Find rename master .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : free Publisher : Jackass Joe size : 1.9 MB Editor : cowboy, language : English Update : 12.01.2017 OS : Windows Virustotal : 0 / 18 Description: Rename Master: Advanced Batch File - Changing The Folder Name Program Specify the names of multiple files and folders with a few clicks, rename master to change in accordance with which criteria, or instead of, again on the criteria you have determined to bring in highly advanced and is a free program that allows different names. The file name with rename Master may make additions to the front or the rear of an expression with another expression can do more, can convert to all uppercase or lowercase, the number of rankings and even add the MP3, JPEG and JFIF file formats such as you can rename the tags of ELIF. Preview or editing to be done without making changes you can undo with a click of the cumulative change of name.


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