volume2 Direct Download Link

Volume2 Direct Download Link

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Find volume2 .exe direct download link stop waiting!License : free Publisher : RZA Size : 8.1 MB Editor : cowboy, language : English Update : 23.11.2017 OS : Windows 10 Virustotal : 0 / 19 Description: Volume2, advanced voice control program for your computer. The program is mouse, keyboard, or PC with special function keys the volume the check in a practical manner (up-down) or turn off (mute) allows. Dozens of stylish themes option The period of notice, to be able to customize the location and format of the screen. To change the notification transparency Volume and mute (mute) alert Control the brightness of the screen with shortcuts Audio playback notifications The CD/DVD drive with a shortcut to decal End system tray, the volume of silence notification


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